I help your leaders and experts feel at ease in front of the camera and clear on their message.

Your organisation is working to make the world a better, fairer, more sustainable place.
Your CEO is a highly respected expert in their field.

But put a camera in front of their face and they freeze. Tell them they have an interview with a journalist and they'll do anything to get out of it. Or worse, they do the interview and the journalist tells you they can't use it because they didn't understand what your CEO was talking about.

What if they could effortlessly translate their in-person confidence to camera, as though they’ve been doing TV appearances for years?

I’m Naomi Lloyd - TV presenter, reporter and producer with more than 15 years' experience.
I'm here to help your leaders and experts develop a powerful broadcast presence and clearly communicate the value and impact of the work your organisation does.

So they look like they have been doing TV appearances for years.
And your organisation becomes more visible to funders, stakeholders, policymakers and the general public.

I have worked with: International Energy Agency, UNHCR, European Commission, Council of the European Union, Council of Europe, Council of Europe Development Bank; EU agencies and bodies: European Institution of Innovation & Technology (EIT) Knowledge and Innovation Communities (KIC), Frontex; European industry associations: CEPI, CONCORD (NGOs working on sustainable development.)



If your CEO has an upcoming TV appearance or your organisation is missing out on media opportunities because they dread being on TV or radio, this service is for you.

Through a bespoke session, I help your CEO experiment with different techniques to master the art of the interview and deal with difficult questions.

We look at body language, pace and tone. Plus, where to look when the camera is on you.

I explain exactly what TV reporters and news producers need from an interview - so that it becomes a more "every day" experience. And your CEO gets asked back!

We practice storytelling and using memorable examples to connect on a human level the impact of the work of your organisation.

I work with the Communications team beforehand to get clear on the key messages. So that on the day, we can dive straight into the training.

The best way to learn is to have a go!

We practice real-life media scenarios where I interview your CEO in front of the camera. Whether for live or pre-recorded TV interviews - in a TV studio, on location or via a video call (and yes, there is a big difference between all of these!)

Then we watch the interview back.

I give honest and insightful feedback.

Then we go again for another interview - and see the improvement.

I create a safe space to try things out. And most of all, it will be fun - I promise!

Contact me to book a call and talk through the best training for your organisation.

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We had a great session on media engagement with Naomi, focused on media relations and how to achieve our external engagement, awareness-raising, and advocacy goals by pitching stories to the media strategically.

Naomi did great preparation work and I appreciated the level of detail she looked into ahead of the session. We enjoyed Naomi’s clear, concise communication style, and the determination to share as many best practices, concrete tools, and approaches as possible to ensure that I and my team walked out of the room more confident and a lot better equipped.


I train in-house moderators to successfully moderate panel discussions and ensure a lively and memorable conversation with panellists.

We take out the unnecessary jargon that makes the audience go to sleep - and inject some fun into it all!

We cover how to have a powerful presence on stage, and how to connect with the audience so they are glued to your moderator's every word (not secretly looking at their phones!)

And we practice how to steer the conversation to bring out the key issues, success stories and messages you want the audience to remember and to act on.

Naomi trained our Director General, Directors and Heads of Unit ahead of our annual conference for which she was also the moderator. Naomi is extremely professional and kind.

She gave me a lot of excellent tailor-made input and helped me make my moderation and presentation a success!

I warmly recommend her if you are looking to improve your public speaking or if you need a super event moderator!

Contact me to book a chat and talk through how I can help your in-house moderators for your event.

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The value add was on the one-on-one session - this was priceless and I really appreciated Naomi’s dedication to helping me get to where I needed to be in terms of presenting in front of the camera. It was really helpful to repeat each take with different ways of trying body language, tone, eye contact. I feel much more confident in knowing how I can appear and what to do to come off more impactful when I speak. Thank you Naomi for the dedication and time!

Professional, personal and practical - coaching on media in the best of ways. Simple yet effective steps and strategies adapted to my context and needs. Thanks for your excellent guidance Naomi.

get video confident

When your leaders and experts record a video, you want them to feel and sound confident, not awkward and slightly apologetic like they're reading a script.

You need your organisation to look professional. And for the video message to be clear, concise and memorable.

Whether the video is for sending to a conference or putting on social media, I create bespoke sessions where we can cover how to:

  • look at the camera and really connect with your viewers
  • find the right balance between improvising and learning a script that works for you
  • use language that connects with your audience and feels natural and easy to express
  • present with a style, pace and tempo that works on camera
  • How to avoid too many takes!

I also offer the option to bring in my camera crew and make-up artist to film professional videos for your conference, social media and website.

Contact me to book a call and see how I can help your organisation shine on video.

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I hired Naomi to provide media training for our management team as well as for a few programme directors at EIT Climate-KIC to handle TV interviews and speaking opportunities ahead of an international event. This was one of the most valuable exercises we’ve done when it comes to communicating about what we do and a great investment for our organisation.

Naomi helped us understand how to craft our message and what language to use to connect with the audience. As much as we are experts on the topics, we aren’t always so great at communicating about these complexities in ways that are accessible to our target audience. Naomi also adapted the training to every single person, depending on what they needed most. She helped them find stories to illustrate what they were trying to explain and made us all realise that by changing a few things, our communication efforts would be much more impactful. She is such an incredible professional and we truly recommend her!

I wanted to thank you again for your patience with us Naomi, for helping us realise how much we needed to work on the way we talk about what the organisation does, and for creating a space where everyone felt they could try and learn.

Naomi ran media and presentation skills training ahead of the launch of the EU's new travel authorisation system. My colleagues and I were very impressed with Naomi's professionalism and training skills. Practical exercises (with camera) were singled out as the most useful and Naomi was widely praised for the way she shared the feedback with participants.

I personally benefited a lot from Naomi's observations, hints and advice, which helped me prepare for a speech at a large international conference. They were really helpful and to the point. Would recommend this training to anyone engaged in public speaking.

Naomi coached me for a 5-minute introduction at a Politico debate and I have never got so much positive response to any other presentation I have made, including from people who don't know me.

Politico wrote to us afterwards "Everyone here at Politico were impressed by the introductory remarks and wanted to congratulate the Cepi Team for that and all the preparation you put into this". Even the European Commissioner who spoke immediately after me started by saying "great speech".

No doubt, coaching by Naomi played a big part in this result. I am looking forward to working with Naomi again.

From our first conversation when we spoke about media training for the team, I immediately knew Naomi was the right person for us. Naomi really took time to get to know us, both as a company and individually. She understood what we needed, and I really value the tailored approach she took to working with us.

Without a doubt, everyone came away thoroughly impressed. Her training made a noticeable difference immediately, and we are all grateful for her time and expertise in getting us ready for some big events and opportunities we are facing. Thank you, we are looking forward to working with you again!